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Deliverable D12.9 Data Management Plan
expand article infoLyubomir Penev, Teodor Georgiev§, Boris Barov, Pavel Stoev§, Kristina Hristova
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The  main goal of the BiCIKL project is to improve, for the first time, seamless access, linking and usage tracking of data within a network of Research Infrastructures managing different data classes (literature, specimens, samples, occurrences, sequences, taxon names and Operational Taxonomic Units (OTU)), ultimately represented also in a biodiversity knowledge graph. To achieve this, the consortium members will operate with huge amount of data during and after the end of the project.

As a Horizon 2020 project, BiCIKL conforms to the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP)1 and   Article 29.3 of the H2020 Model Grant Agreement by default, hence the consortium aims to improve and maximise access, sharing, linking and reuse of FAIR Open Research Data (ORD), generated or managed by the project. A detailed Data Management Plan is a critical part of   the ORDP. The DMP described in the present document is developed in BiCIKL within the first  six months of the project and it will evolve as a “living document” during the lifetime of the project and beyond in order to present the status of the project's reflections on data management.

The BiCIKL DMP outlines the handling of research data and provides the basis of the project consortium’s data management life cycle for the data collected, generated and processed by the participants in the project. The DMP also covers the methodologies and standards previously developed for data sharing and open access, curation  and  preservation.  The subject of the DMP is the management of research data. Personal data management  is covered by deliverable D9.1 Protection of Personal Data.

The BiCIKL DMP was developed in close collaboration with all project partners and involved Research Infrastructures (RI) who provided information on their data management practices and policies in a questionnaire and planned generation, collection, and processing of data for the purposes of building a resilient data management strategy of the project which meets all criteria for open research.

This DMP aims to adhere to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data management criteria of Horizon 20202.

Data Management Plan