ARPHA Preprints, doi: 10.3897/arphapreprints.e102613
Deliverable D3.1 Project logo, marketing pack and website design and development
expand article infoSlavena Peneva, Kristina Hristova, Anna Sapundzhieva, Boris Barov, Pavel Stoev, Margarita Grudova, Iva Kostadinova
‡ Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access

This document presents BiCIKL’s recognizable visual identity, including the project logo, visual identity guide, brochure, poster, document, presentation templates and website design and functionality developed in the first three months. These materials will ensure that BiCIKL is communicated effectively and professionally with the aim to raise awareness and build a community from the start of the project.

The modern and user-friendly public website ( provides an easy-to-navigate, continuously updated platform allowing fast access to general information about BiCIKL and its activities, operating on several levels. It also prominently features the participating project partners and Research Infrastructures and their extensive service portfolio.

Project website, logo, visual identity