ARPHA Preprints, doi: 10.3897/arphapreprints.e115389
D4.2 Trade-off/synthesis analyses including spatial co-occurrence of ESS / biodiversity socio-economic
expand article infoStephanie Roilo, Anna Cord, Michael Beckmann§, Anne Paulus|, Katharina Schneider|, Predrag Lugonja, Arjan Gosal#, Rosemary Wool#, George Breckenridge#, Jodi Gunning#, Guy Ziv#
‡ Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany§ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig, Germany| Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, Germany¶ BioSense Institute, Novi Sad, Serbia# University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
Open Access
This document describes the interrelationships between the ecosystem services, biodiversity and socio-economic outputs modelled in the Work Package 3 (WP3), to identify bundles of co-occurring services. Furthermore, this document presents an analysis of how different types of Agri-Environmental Measures (AEM) drive trade-offs and synergies among different services. The analysis spans two AEM adoption scenarios, one without AEM and one reflecting the current AEM adoption levels, for all five Case Studies (CS) of BESTMAP.
ecosystem services, socio-economic, agri-environmental measures, synergies