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D6.3 Communication Plan and Dissemination Plan
expand article infoMilica Trajković, Dajana Vujaklija, Pavel Stoev§|, Anna Sapundzhieva§, Guy Ziv, Jodi Gunning
‡ BioSense Institute, Novi Sad, Serbia§ Pensoft Publishers, Sofia, Bulgaria| National Museum of Natural History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria¶ University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
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Deliverable 6.3 Communication and Dissemination plan comprises actions, tools and channels to be used throughout the BESTMAP project scope. The purpose of this document is to outline the strategy, to define means of communication, tools and actions that will be done within the BESTMAP project in order to reach a wide range of stakeholders. This plan is a living document and will be officially updated in month 24 (D6.8). The first chapter of the Communication and Dissemination Plan explains the wider context of the project and highlights how the project duration and geographical scope impact the communication and dissemination activities. The second chapter presents communication and dissemination strategy including definition of objectives and target audiences, communication tools and key messages. The third chapter presents AGRIMODELS cluster, while the fourth chapter explains Social Media Strategy. The aim of the fifth chapter is to emphasize the importance of project partners’ involvement in communication and dissemination activities, and the sixth chapter showcases the list of relevant conferences for presentation of the BESTMAP project. Seventh chapter presents an action plan for communication and dissemination activities while a list of references can be found in chapter eight.
communication, dissemination, science