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Path2Integrity Learning Cards & Handbook for Trainers and Lecturers: M-Series
expand article infoJulia Prieß-Buchheit, Lisa Häberlein§, Tom Lindemann|
‡ Coburg University, Coburg, Germany§ Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany| EUREC Office, Bonn, Germany
Open Access
Do you want to teach future researchers how to integrate their knowledge into their own research activities, as well as help them understand how important reliable research is for society? This handbook accompanies the Path2Integrity learning cards (P2ILC) on six topics ( and introduces you to an easy and fun learning programme that has been evaluated in over 15 training sessions. The Path2Integrity learning cards M-series is especially designed for graduates who already have a university degree. They learn how responsible research needs to be conducted in order to be reliable and thus useful for society.
research integrity; honesty; reliability; accountability; transparency; reliable research; good research practices